Synology Camera Motion using Action URL for Home-assistant



  1. Install node-red on your platform, auto start is also required on boot
  2. Install Home-Assistant Post Node

Click on Manage pallet 

Click on  Install, search for home-assistant and install Post Node

Import the following flow

Once the flow is imported….

Edit HASS-Post node and enter your own HASS URL and Password

Set entity_id to a boolean switch setup in home-assistant


If everything went smoothly, clicking the Test Button will turn on the selected boolean for 2 seconds and turn off. You can change the Trigger ON Time to any delay by editing the delay value.

To trigger from Surveillance Station, Setup an Action URL for the camera of your choice, select external device and use http://*.*.*.*:1880/motion?set=1,
change the IP to your node-red install. In this case

Sample settings for Surveillance Station Action URL